Bespoke Corporate Services
Excellence in our delivery of professional services and support to all of our clients

Our experienced professionals can deliver extensive practical and technical assistance to help your business comply with the local regulations in accounting, payroll and tax reporting functions.

Growing businesses face the need to maintain an effective and efficient accounting function. As decisions are often made relying on financial statements and reports, they must be accurate and reliable. Our experienced professionals can deliver extensive practical and technical assistance to help your business comply with the local regulations in accounting, payroll and tax reporting functions.

Tax Compliance

Capstone has professionals specializing in all aspects of the taxation for individuals and companies. Our tax services cover the following areas:

  • Acting as clients’ tax representatives in the preparation and filing of tax returns;
  • Tax planning and advice on tax matters for companies and individuals to minimize tax liabilities;
  • Estate Duty and Stamp Duty planning;
  • Assistance in handling IRD enquires, tax field audits, tax investigation and appeals;
  • Preparation and filing of Employer’s Returns on employee remuneration and Tax Returns for employees;
  • Preparation and filing of Property Tax Returns;
  • Preparation of Personal Assessment Returns;
  • US tax advisory;

Trade Services

Since China became a member of the World Trade Organization, trade of physical goods between China and the rest of the world has increased dramatically over the past decade.

However, Hong Kong is the preferred choice for many businesses to conduct their China operations. Hong Kong is one of the world’s largest shipping and container ports, an established legal and financial infrastructure and a simple and efficient tax system.

Capstone has a dedicated Trade Services team with years of experience in international banking, trading and trade documentation handling. The team provides a complete business support service so clients in international trade can outsource trade activities and administration, whether clients are based in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America or elsewhere.

The specialist business support services that we provide include:

  • Setting up operations and financing of trading activities for new and established businesses;
  • Reviewing sales and purchase orders and incoming letters of credit (“L/C’s”) or other payment mediums;
  • Preparing documentation for presentation under L/C’s or other payment mediums and monitoring bank account movements;
  • Liaising and following-up with business partners, including buyers, sellers, freight forwarders, shipping agents, bankers, legal advisors and other related parties;
  • Arranging cargo insurance and lodging import/export declarations;
  • Acting as authorized signatory on bank accounts and arranging payments in accordance with client instructions;
  • Maintaining trade receivables and payables records;
  • Preparing status and analysis reports as required by clients;
  • To satisfy our clients’ various service requirements, Capstone can arrange tailor-made services. We can fulfill your reporting needs and act on a fixed fee basis.

Accounting Services

At Capstone, we commit to delivering high quality accounting services in the following areas:

  • Book-Keeping and maintenance of accounting records (Monthly, quarterly, yearly basis);
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements;
  • Budget preparation, comparisons and analyses of key components of financial performance ;
  • Acting as authorised signatory on company bank accounts, reviewing expense claims, processing payments and day-to-day disbursements and preparing cash reports;
  • Conducting reviews of entries made by your accountants to ensure appropriateness and accuracy and to provide training;
  • Seconding temporary staff of our accounting professionals to assist over a busy period or for a specific project
  • Audit liaison and accounts finalization;1
  • Accounting software implementation.

[1] Capstone is affiliated with an international audit firm which undertakes audits in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements.